School Dances

Do you want a DJ who truly knows the music that you like? We guarantee we’ll have all the songs you hear on the radio and love, plus more! All clean edits to our songs, meaning no teachers will tell us to turn off your favorite song because it is inappropriate. We play all your favorite songs & remixes, so we’re sure to have whatever you want to hear. Don’t you just love going to a concert and being able to feel the bass? How about seeing those crazy beams of lights and lasers? We have plenty of bass and lights, we put on large high-end school dances, so we’ll have the best gear for your school! Have a favorite song or want to get a special shootout during your school dance? We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Email of course, so you can always get in touch with us!

Customized Experience

Paragon Productions dances are unlike anything you have seen before! If you need booming bass and huge vivid lighting, let us bring production value to your high school! Our team incorporates the needs of the students as well as incorporating guidelines from faculty and venue, so everyone is happy! Your dance will be unique and won't look like anything else in the area, guaranteed!
Paragon Productions offers Complete Customization including:
Customized to fit your budget and facility needs
Production quality lighting, sound, staging, and special effects
Interactive Emcee to keep the crowd hyped up but also safe
Custom Designed Posters and Marketing Material

Increase Attendance

At Paragon Productions we have two goals when it comes to school dances, make a night to remember and to maximize ticket sales! Don't you want ALL of your friends to come to the dance? We know we want them to! Paragon Productions specializes in high-end school dances, so let us help you create the largest dance yet at your school! To help maximize ticket sales, we provide these complimentary additions:

FREE marketing material (flyers, social media marketing, video trailers, etc.)
FREE glow giveaways!* (only available some packages)
FREE customized Facebook Event
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